Becoming – A Message from the FBK Board

The Board members at First Baptist Kingsville (FBK) are taking turns communicating with you every few weeks and we ask for your prayers that we will be following the Lord?s leading as we continue to work through this pandemic.

Our Mission Statement – We are committed to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and inviting others to do the same.

Last summer Mur & I planted a few plants in a small patch of ground at the back of our property. And we got a good return for our efforts. This year we?ve planned a little better, turned over more dirt to make it a bit bigger and on the beautiful warm May 3 planted some radishes and onions. But yesterday we did something that might sound really crazy to you. We planted weeds in our garden. We went across the road and dug up milkweed (at least we hope that?s what it is!) from the ditch and put the four shovelfuls of dirt with their roots at back of garden. Now let me tell you why we did this.

I follow a lady on Facebook named Darlene Burgess who lives near Point Pelee. I love the photos she posts of all her bird and wildlife sightings. A few years ago I met Darlene when she put an invitation up for anyone interested to come to Point Pelee Interpretive Centre to meet ?Sarah the Butterbike Lady?.  It sounded so interesting that Mur & I loaded our bikes up and headed to the Point to hear what Sara had to say. Her narrative of riding her bicycle from Mexico through USA & Canada to follow the migration path of Monarch butterfly was truly inspiring. I now look at milkweed and monarchs in amazement and we hope to help them continue by planting our milkweed roots! Monarchs need to have the weed to lay eggs on that will hatch into a caterpillar. These cats devour the leaves of the milkweed plant and form a pupa and you can watch the entire metamorphosis until finally a beautiful monarch butterfly appears. And there are four generations of Monarchs through summer until the ?super generation? (born with different capabilities) begins the return to Mexico in fall. Ordinary miracle!

Our mission statement at FBK says that we are BECOMING fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and are inviting others to do the same. I am so grateful for Jim & Tracey who for years have been offering us opportunities to deepen our faith through different studies and disciplines. And Right Now Media is such a great tool that I hope you use and offer to anyone who might be searching for Jesus. We have so many resources available to us and in this lockdown we have been given the gift of time. What a privilege to live in Canada and be in the comforts of our homes as we isolate.

Most of my Bible study friends know how I often use acronyms to help me remember. In closing, let me introduce you to a new friend I?ve come across in our Zoom study on prayer. His name is KLiFf CanaDiaN (aka KLF CDN). Kliff helps me recall something that I?ve heard on the Lectio365 app on my phone that I love. It?s from a prayer of Richard of Chichester ? and this is my prayer for all of us who are BECOMING fully devoted followers.

May I Know thee more Clearly,
Love thee more Dearly
And Follow thee more Nearly
Day by Day.  

by Richard Chichester

May our metamorphosis of BECOMING fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ help us to spread our wings and be the super generation that invites others to do the same until we are home (which isn?t Mexico!). 

Heather Skeates