Ladies Bible Study

The “LADIES AM BIBLE STUDY” will resume Tuesday, February 18th at 9am in the downstairs lounge at the church.

Join Judy Fysh as she leads a study of, “Colossians: The Complete Woman”.

Throughout Colossians the Apostle Paul encourages his readers to return to the simplicity of their faith, and just as they had received Christ Jesus as Lord, to walk in Him and display His character. Christian women today are faced with similar challenges as the women in the church at Colossae. Paul has a gentle and powerful way of reminding us of the basics of the Christian faith and that we have been given everything we need to walk our faith journey with power and joy through Christ alone.

Contact the Church Office for more information.

Ladies Bible Study



Most of us have times when we wonder if we really matter—to the world or even to God.
Join Beth Moore in Chasing Vines on her transforming quest of vine-chasing, where she shows us how nothing in our lives is wasted. Nothing is for nothing. Come and meet Beth in the vineyard—tracing the images of the vinedresser, vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture—and see how everything changes when you let your Maker show you why you matter. 


Join the ladies at Tracey Bagley’s home every Tuesday evening at 7pm for this study.


Contact Tracey for more information.