200th Anniversary Service – The Next 200 Years – Live Service – Pastor Marlee and Pastor Dave Page

Richard Herrington not only knew that truth but it defined who he was and what He chose to do with His short time here. This morning, and every morning, let us renew our commitment to do all these things. Let us keep the faith, even in the midst of persecution. Let us live holy lives.
Let us be willing to repent when we get off track. And let us commit ourselves, let us commit our next 200 years to the invitation of all to that Celestial City.

Televised Services

If you are unable to attend our Sunday service, there are still many ways that we can worship “together”!  You can join us for our live-stream Sunday mornings at 11am and/or you will be able to view it on our website soon after.  

We are also excited to announce that you can watch the Sunday service broadcast from CFTV, channel 30.2 over air or Cogeco Cable 600. It is re-run several times during the week at 7am.

Thank you for your patience and please remember to connect with your church family via phone, email or texts until we can gather again.