Unchained – Others First – Live Service – Pastor Dave Page

All too often we decide to take on other people’s character traits, believing we must fit into a certain mold to be accepted. Yet, try as hard as we might, we were uniquely designed for greatness because truthfully, like the makeup of the snowfall we see, it is impossible for two (or more) snowflakes to be completely alike. So, it begs the questions, why do we still place such high expectations on ourselves by emulating others instead of embracing our individual strengths?

Televised Services

If you are unable to attend our Sunday service, there are still many ways that we can worship “together”!  You can join us for our live-stream Sunday mornings at 11am and/or you will be able to view it on our website soon after.  

We are also excited to announce that you can watch the Sunday service broadcast from CFTV, channel 30.2 over air or Cogeco Cable 600. It is re-run several times during the week at 7am.

Thank you for your patience and please remember to connect with your church family via phone, email or texts until we can gather again.