Message from the FBK Board – 10 June 2020

Dear FBK Family,

As you have probably heard or read, the Ford government has lifted the ban and is permitting church services to be held up to 30% of capacity which will allow 80 in the sanctuary or around 30 in Herrington Hall.  We, the board, Pastor Jim, Tracey, and Wayne held a Zoom meeting to discuss what this means for First Baptist Kingsville.
Although we long to be together to worship in the sanctuary, we felt it would be best that we ease into our time together.  We feel a deep concern and a love for you, our church family, and have a desire for everyone to stay healthy.  With this in mind, we have made the decision to do a gradual opening.  Once we have safety plans and procedures in place, we will move forward with step 1 of opening.
We have decided that our first step will be meeting for a half hour prayer service in Herrington Hall.  This will enable us to observe the desired physical distancing.  Using chairs will be a benefit in that the chairs can more easily be sanitized than the padded seating in the sanctuary. 
This is just step 1 ? we will move beyond this once movement and safety procedures become more familiar.  Our main desires are to worship together but to do so in a safe and healthy environment.  It is our hope that we can hold the first prayer service at the beginning of July although this is not a set in stone date.  We will certainly be letting you know of the date of the first prayer service, of the necessary procedures to attend and of the progress toward worshipping together in the sanctuary.
Even after we begin with our prayer services, and then move on to holding worship services, our present on-line services will continue.  Those presently receiving a hard copy of the worship service will continue to have them delivered.
Although the church is said to be open, the church office remains closed.  As is the case now, should you need to get in touch with Pastor Jim, Tracey, or Laura, please call the church office at 519-733-4144 to leave a message and you will get a returned call.
We look forward to moving toward sharing Sunday morning services together in our church building.  Until that time, our prayers are for you each to be safe and healthy.
Judy Fysh, chair of the Board